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Noir Vanity Tray Set

Noir Vanity Tray Set

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This handmade set features a stunning vanity tray and catch-all jar, each adorned with a matte black finish and luxurious gold gilding. The tray's organic contours and the jar's ribbed texture are highlighted by the shimmer of gold, creating a sophisticated and timeless appeal. Perfect for elevating any space, this duo combines functionality with a touch of opulent design.

Cloud Tray Dimensions:

Height: 0.767 inches, Width: 6.693 inches, Length: 9.567 inches


Vintage Style Small Jar with Lid Dimensions:

Length: 3 Inches; Width: 3 Inches; Height: 3.5 Inches



Handmade with eco-friendly resin, acrylic paint, and sealer.


Product Disclaimer:

Each piece is handcrafted. No two are the same: variations in color and texture. Due to the nature of the material, bubbles are to be expected.


Care instructions:

  • Handle with care. 
  • The trays are designed for decorative purposes, and we don’t recommend using the trays as soap holders or to be kept in a high-humidity environment (bathroom) as the cork feet will go off the tray. 
  • These trays can be wiped out with a damp cloth.
  • Do not submerge them under water.
  • Do not store them in a high-humidity environment! 
  • It is NOT safe to put them in your dishwasher.
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