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About G-Robi

From the heart of Baltimore City to the far reaches of artistic expression, my story is one of change, discovery, and a relentless passion for creation. I am G-Robi, an Army veteran and former software consultant who found my true calling in the involved world of jewelry making and DIY crafts.

My journey began in 1996, sparked by an irresistible allure to the vibrant world of gemstones and beads. This wasn't just a hobby; it was a calling. The sophisticated patterns, the play of colors, and the endless possibilities of design – each aspect of jewelry-making spoke to a part of my desire for expression.

As I explored deeper, my curiosity expanded beyond beads and gemstones. I discovered the magic of resin – a medium that allowed me to capture beauty and create something timeless. This exploration was more than just a craft; it was a voyage into the depths of creativity.

But my story isn't just about the materials I use; it's about the transformation journey. From the disciplined structures of the Army and the logical realms of software consultancy, I ventured into the boundless world of art. Every piece I create reflects this journey – a blend of discipline, precision, and unbridled creativity.

As a DIY Queen, I believe in the power of handcrafted art. Each piece I create is not just an accessory; it's a story, a memory, a piece of my heart that I share with the world. My creations are as diverse as my interests, constantly evolving, and always surprising.

So, welcome to my world – a place where creativity knows no bounds, where each piece is a unique expression of passion, and where the beauty of art comes alive in the most unexpected ways. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope my creations inspire you to find your path of artistic expression.